Empty containers rinsing system

This machine is designed specifically to carry out the cleaning of empty containers used in food production processes, even if they are made in plastic, tin or glass.

The containers washing machine, which is built mainly in first quality AISI 316L steel, automates the washing of containers without the need of adding additional tools, thus achieving a significant improvement in production capacity as well as an efficiency in the use of personnel, which means an immediate improvement of competitiveness.

The nature of the materials used in its manufacture, together with the unquestionable quality in manufacturing finishes, makes this machine an instrument for reliable and long lasting to help extend life even in situations of more demanding and committed work.

In addition, thanks to the modern concept of manufacturing that the machine has, the need for maintenance, which has been simplified to the maximum is reduced until the end. This ensures us always the best results in the short and long term.

It is also important to highlight the modularity of the equipment, since we can always adapt it to the needs of the client, either using a sanitizing system only, or by combining several of them (up to three): blowing, both rinsing and/or steaming.

Models Containers Capacity Versatility
U1 Jars, cans, PET, bottles, etc. All format and sizes. 40 containers / min. Need of a formats shapes confirmation.
U2 150 containers / min. All containers without installation of additional elements.
Easy format change adjustment by opening lateral belts.
UNIVERSAL 300 containers / min.
UNIVERSAL SP 600 containers / min.

Empty Containers Rinsing System Video

Empty containers rinsing system Images

Empty containers rinsing system frontal view Empty containers rinsing system side view Universal empty containers rinsing system U1 Washing machine U1 empty containers washing machine side view
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