Quality policy


EMERITO, S.L. has considered since obtaining the ISO certification, that a basic aspect in our evolution as a business is that of Quality in all departments and its permanent improvement, that is, the search for total quality.

To date, we consider that the follow-up of the procedure in the various areas has been reasonably complied with and has helped us decisively to complete the correct product-cost-customer control in accordance with our QUALITY POLICY.

The product is controlled from two main areas: HR training and documented monitoring of both the production process and traceability, in an exhaustive manner.

It has also been improved in the control of Internal Non-Qualities and the test bench has been strengthened, in such a way that all the machines, before being issued, have undergone their corresponding functionality control test with which the problem is substantially eliminated and the satisfaction of the customer is improved, which does not suffer negative situations of failures in the real work attributable to this supplier.

All EMERITO workers are informed of the non-qualities produced, through periodic meetings where the problems that may have arisen are discussed. Interdepartmental communication is fundamental in our organization.

Therefore EMERITO, S.L. follows maintenance the concept of quality according to the following strategy:

  • Highly qualified HR: Today 60% of the STAFF are graduates with language skill.
  • Exhaustive control of the traceability of the product from the origin of the raw materials to the shipment of the finished product.
  • Product test in real operation (technology + process) rigorously applying the parameters required by the customer.
  • Agility of response to the customer's request both in consumable supplies and in TAS assistance.
  • Monitoring of the work environment favoring the participation of HR in the common project through specific meetings.

We manufacture and distribute industrial machinery: vacuum detectors · depalletiser · liquids filling doser · twistt off capping machines · solid filling doser · sauces filling doser · rotary head spacer · baskets loading system · basket unloading system · full containers washer-dryer · palletizing system · empty containers rinsing system

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